The hands-on training that ZIMRA conducted last week and this week (separately) for Operational Managers/Directors and Clearing Clerks was a huge success. What was very clear from the training was that the majority of us are in real need of this training (including those that think they know the system!!!). Those that attended gave testimony to this effect, particularly managers. As it is, the group of clearing clerks that were trained on Monday and Tuesday have requested the extension of the training by another day and they have been allowed to continue for the whole day today.

In order to reach out to more people, we are negotiating with ZIMRA that we run the following training programmes next week as follows:

14-15 July 2015 – RIB/RIT Asycuda Management (Practical) for Managers/Directors

Invited are ONLY those companies that do RIB/RIT clearances.

This course is meant to equip companies to be able to manage their RIB/RIT accounts by themselves. ZIMRA is not expected to be issuing lists of outstanding RIB/RITs for next year’s licence renewals. Companies are expected to manage their own accounts and chase up all outstanding entries without ZIMRA having to prompt them.

Participants MUST bring their own laptops to the hotel venue as LIVE training will be done with participants logging into their own company accounts for the LIVE demonstration

15-17 July 2015 – Training for Clearing Clerks

Invited are Customs Clearing Clerks ONLY. Please do not enroll those that have never used the Asycuda System before. During the training an assumption will be made that participants will already be familiar with the system.


  1. Both training programmes will be conducted by the ZIMRA Asycuda Project Team
  2. The training for managers will be conducted at a hotel for the full 2 days
  3. The training for clerks will be conducted from a hotel (first day theory session) – The last 2 days will be conducted in the ZIMRA Computer Lab at Kurima House. Participants DO NOT have to bring laptops. ZIMRA computers will be used.
  4. SFAAZ is charging a flat fee of $100,00 each for both courses. The fee will cover refreshments, teas and lunches.
  5. The hotel venues will be advised later today.
  6. We intend to negotiate with ZIMRA for them to conduct the LIVE training on RIBs/RITs for Managers at Beitbridge.
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