The Young International Freight Forwarder Award (YIFFA) demonstrates recognition by FIATA and its participating sponsors of the need to develop quality in the forwarding industry and to reward young talent with valuable training opportunities. The award is open to any young freight forwarder who will be no more than 32 years old in the year when the dissertation is written, with two years’ full-time forwarding experience, the latter being preferable but not mandatory.

Each FIATA association member is entitled to present one candidate who fits the following criteria:

  • A student having recently qualified for the FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding
  • A student from that has completed the association’s professional exams.

Upon selection by the National Forwarding Association, and advice to the Award Administrator, the candidate will be given three months to write a dissertation on the topic advised. Full details of the topic will be communicated directly to the candidate by the Award Administrator and will be accompanied by other information to enable the candidate to compose the dissertation. The dissertation and conclusion shall be between 4 000 and 6 000 words (maximum 6 000 words) in length and, the entire dissertation shall be written in English. The steering group will appoint the judges. The prize may not be awarded solely on the basis of the dissertation but consideration may be taken of the candidate’s personal achievements, e.g. examination results, outstanding performance or innovation, as provided in the statement from the National Forwarding Association.

The judges will select a winner from each of the four FIATA regions:

Americas; Europe; Africa and Mid-dle East; Asia Pacific.

SFAAZ presented Tinashe Chiwanza for the 2017 Young International Freight Forwarder Award (YIFFA) under Region Africa Middle East. After the judges had finished their marking and the steering group completed their deliberations the four regional winners were selected as:

Region Africa/Middle East :         Mr Tinashe Chiwanza, Zimbabwe
Region Americas :                                       Mr Bradley Davis, Canada
Region Asia/Pacific :                       Mr Nian Wan, China
Region Europe :                                          Miss Nina Brose, Germany

Tinashe Chiwanza- YIFFA Africa/Middle East Region Winner 2017

These four were invited to the FIATA World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in October 2017, to receive their regional certificates and trophies. FIATA arranged for each of the regional winner to participate in the Annual World Congress free of any registration fees and accommodation costs. TT Club provided the hotel accommodation and FIATA will provided US$ 1 000 towards the return air ticket to the congress.

During the congress each regional winner was required to provide a concise Presentation of their Dissertation Cases to the Steering Committee for Final Assessment to determine the Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year. Bradley Davis of Canada emerged victorious. The overall winner’s award comprised two weeks of practical and academic training, one week of academic training and one week of practical training based in one of the TT Club’s regional centres (London, Hong Kong or New Jersey) plus one year’s free subscription to the International Transport Journal (ITJ), Switzerland and International Freighting Weekly (UK).

Lorraine Rutendo Zhou- YIFFA Africe/Middle East Region winner 2016

SFAAZ on Behalf of Zimbabwe and the Region Africa Middle East has been successful in nominating candidates who managed to make it to the finals of the competition for the past two consecutive years. Lorraine Rutendo Zhou represented the Region in 2016 and had the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland for the final stage of the competition.